liesa-muhlfeld replied to your post: blergh

because SOME PEOPLE are decent human beings who are capable of love and affection

I’m capable of love, it’s just… weird. In general. Not saying anything specific.

hahaha a panelist today totally agreed that draco wants to fuck harry though

I don’t really like any of the other fandoms here though so it feels weird.

but hey at least there’s plenty of alcohol in this city and i got a bunch of Gryffindor stuff including a little lion so i’m fine.

I just wish people would shut up about Sherlock and doctor who.

you’re not better than anyone for liking British shit.

I got stuck with a stupid Hufflepuff ribbon until like 11am today when i traded for a Ravenclaw and then again for a Gryffindor.

But at least I didn’t get a Slytherin ribbon.

are u going to leakycon??? portalnd or london??

Of course. I’m right outside of the exhibit hall in Portland right now and I’m going to London in August

If you had to spend an hour locked in a room with small children or cats, which would you choose?

How many of each, and how old are the children?

stefan-habicht replied to your post: Google ‘grumpy cat’, it reminded me of you!

…It actually does kinda look like you…

can u not encourage them

Google 'grumpy cat', it reminded me of you!

cats are fuckin terrifying 

not gonna google that